Getting into the rhythm of nurturing my creative self

Reflections on Week 1 of The Artist’s Way

Just finished week 1 of The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron — I’ve been sharing more about the process in other posts if you want to follow along!

I started on this journey to help me feel more inspired as a writer and, honestly, just reconnecting with what writing means to me and how I want to incorporate it into my life.

So far, after a week of writing morning pages, I find that they really help me let go of my doubts as a I write and just let my thoughts roll out. A lot of times, getting started with a blank page can feel daunting, but now that I know I consistently churn out content every morning (even if it’s just me rambling), I feel more assured that I have things to share, that I need to just put pen to paper and stop over thinking it.

For my artist date this week, I took some time to repot all my plants. It felt wonderful to spend a sunny afternoon giving all my plant babies some fresh soil, more space, and good vibes for the spring growing season.

It was also really wonderful to just take some time for myself to do something with my hands that felt meaningful and tangible. It is the first time in a long time that I’ve consciously taken time to nurture my creative self — as is probably true for many of you, work has crept into most parts of my life these days and with my husband around all the time, I now realize how much I’ve ignored this part of my self. With just one artist date under my belt, I can’t wait for more!

What made me the most excited, though, is on Friday night — while my husband fell asleep during the movie we were watching —I suddenly felt inspired to write, after what’s been a dry few months, and so I did! I know it’s too early to call this an unblocking but it makes me very hopeful for what the rest of the process unearths.

Looking forward to what week 2 brings! 💛

curious human, incessant thinker, aspiring #socialsciencestoryteller

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