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  • Thomas Christopher

    Thomas Christopher

    Science, psychology, and history. Sometimes with a personal angle.

  • Maga Pinfildi

    Maga Pinfildi

  • Taylor Knoble

    Taylor Knoble

    A burgeoning writer with a passion for science and social justice. Find my full portfolio at https://taylorknoble.weebly.com/

  • Kaushik Viswanath

    Kaushik Viswanath

    Content Lead for Business at Medium. Previously an editor of business books at Penguin Random House.

  • Harris Sockel

    Harris Sockel

    i work @medium

  • Mithila Kale

    Mithila Kale

  • Sameer Dixit

    Sameer Dixit

    Advertising copywriter, blogger, ideator. Absolutely thrilled to share the space graced by a global community of writers and thinkers. Love walking and reading.

  • Cavher Gamdi

    Cavher Gamdi

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