Week 2 of The Artist’s Way has been all about self-discovery

Somewhere along the way, as I was growing into an adult, I forgot how to play. To just do a silly thing and have fun with it.

This week made me reconnect with that side of my personality: What do I enjoy doing? How much time am I actually spending doing it? Can I find little ways to play more?

So I played: I spent a lot of time outdoors in the sun, started an abstract art painting (not pictured because it’s not finished! …

This week on The Artist’s Way is all about recovering a sense of identity. And, one of my favourite exercises this week was writing down 20 things I enjoy doing and the last time I let myself do them.

Yes, I couldn’t stop and did thirty

I knew the pandemic has been challenging but wow, it really hit me when I saw how many things I love I haven’t been able to do. Like:

  1. Hanging out with my friends. (Although, I am grateful I at least had this one trip):

Reflections on Week 1 of The Artist’s Way

Just finished week 1 of The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron — I’ve been sharing more about the process in other posts if you want to follow along!

I started on this journey to help me feel more inspired as a writer and, honestly, just reconnecting with what writing means to me and how I want to incorporate it into my life.

So far, after a week of writing morning pages, I find that they really help me let go of my doubts as a I write and just let my thoughts roll out. A lot of times, getting started…

Tackling our inner critic in Week 1 of the The Artist’s Way

Since we’re tackling our inner critic in Week 1, the book suggests writing down the sentence:

I, _______, am a brilliant and prolific __________.

(So, for me, this was: I, Shweta Suresh, am a brilliant and prolific writer).

Do it ten times and observe what your brain does, and then write that down too.

It’s funny how pretty much immediately, my brain started pushing back on the statement and raising a lot of serious concerns:

Ummm… you haven’t really written anything to qualify as a writer

I mean, do you really even know what prolific means…

Do you really think…

It’s been seven months since I decided to start writing more and wow, it’s been such an interesting journey so far as I figure out

what inspires me,

what motivates me to keep writing, and,

(most of all) what all of you like to read.

The last few months though, it’s been a little harder to stay motivated and inspired. Why am I doing this? Where am I trying to go?

So I texted a writer friend and she told me about this book called The Artist’s Way that she swears by and to give it a try.

Apparently, she’s not the only who thought it was good.

So I…

When did you first feel conscious about your body hair?

I remember a shift in conversations in seventh grade. Boys started teasing girls for being hairy, and my girlfriends began frequently chatting about how it was so annoying that our moms wouldn’t let us wax or how lucky it was to be someone that wasn’t naturally hirsute.

When eighth grade came around and we were deemed “old enough” to wax, we entered arguably the most consistent habit of our lives — the once-a-month ritual of getting waxed at a beauty parlor. Hot wax, slap paper on, rub, yank off, repeat. Imagine my surprise then, when I moved to the US…

Back when I colored with crayons, I used to do this funny thing where I’d go out of my way to separate the blue crayon from the red crayon and keep it next to the pink one when I’d put them back in the box.

I seemed to have picked up on notions of jealousy and love triangles and personified my crayons: pink and red were fighting over being with blue, and red, being the evil one in my mind, didn’t deserve to be with him.

When I think back on it now, I laugh at how strongly I felt…

It’s funny how reluctant we can be to talk about poop, especially when most of us are probably reading these words while sitting on the pot doing our morning job.

We are happy to talk about our inoffensive bodily functions (“let me tell you about what giving up sugar did to me!” or “I had the weirdest dream the other night…”) but to discuss a home remedy that made our pee smell better? Or share the joy of a fantastic dump? God forbid.

I get it, poop is gross, so why would we want to bring it up in polite…

Americans made an important choice this week. A choice that was fundamental to their democracy — a system that in itself is built to preserve the right to choose.

This got me thinking: why is choice so important to us as humans? And, is the desire to choose something we crave innately or is it taught to us by society?

First, let’s interrogate the assumption that choice is something we actually prefer.

Psychologists have, of course, designed games to test this hypothesis. In an experiment where players are given two options — one that gives players a choice between two…

I’ve been a lifelong horror movie fan. My husband, not so much.

When we watched our first scary movie together — after much protesting from him — he thought it was hilarious that during the scariest scenes, I covered most of my face and watched with one eye through a crack in my fingers — a technique I had perfected through years of horror movie-watching.

I, on the other hand, was very amused as I watched him develop his own tactics to feel safe through the movie: a mix of yelling expletives at the ghosts on the screen and using…

Shweta Suresh

curious human, incessant thinker, aspiring #socialsciencestoryteller

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